Prettiest Clothesline: Vintage Scarves!

Polaroid - scarves on clothesline

I love the compare/contrast of the Polaroid above
(taken with a 600 & Impossible's Edge Cut film)
and the digital photo below.
Polaroid pictures make everything dreamier!

scarves on clothesline

Vera scarf on the line
close-up of a Vera Neumann hibiscus scarf.

Vera scarves blowing in the wind
lots of colourful Vera scarves in a row!

Scarves & Sky - clothesline
sun + blue sky + clothesline full of pretty scarves = happiness

I washed lots of vintage colourful things today,
and the weather was perfect for hanging out on the clothesline.
To my great enjoyment, the sky lit up with bold patterns and breezy fabric! 
It's enough to make a girl sigh and move to the country, where the blue sky stretches forever.

Polaroid - dreamy scarves 
dreamy Polaroid of vintage scarves on the clothesline



  1. Ooooh, dreamy indeed! I've only used Impossible's Color Shade (I think, boyfriend was in charge of that) and while I would say it fell under the 'artsy' category with it's washed out feel, I really do appreciate a well-colored Polaroid!

    We never re-connected on the Spectra film, we still have it all if you are interested!

  2. I love the first picture!
    vintage flowery scarves fit my fashion best!


  3. aw cute! how do you like the Edge Cut film? does it fade? is it as sensitive to light as the other impossible's?

  4. Vintage scarves are my favourite!

    Love your photo's too..


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