Sunday Smile: Ditty kitty in the sink + Raising for Daisy

Ditty in the sink - hello
Ditty in the sink

this is Ditty (aka Diane)
she's my friend Leigh's little kitty
who likes to nap in the bathroom sink
on hot summer days
she fits purrfectly inside
and keeps herself nice and cool
Ditty is one smart cat!

Ditty in the sink - bathing

Since this Sunday Smile is brought to you by a cat, I want to direct your attention to a cat named Daisy, who needs all the help she can get. Daisy is the beloved cat of Zoe, who runs the blog & Etsy shop called A Giraffe in a Scarf. Zoe is a dear friend, and my heart goes out to her and her Daisy.

Daisy ate some thread a few days ago, and the thread got into her intestinal tract - killing off a section & tearing another. Poor little Daisy has had to have serious surgery and so she is wondering if you can help her and her family out by donating some funds to Zoe. Zoe is running an on-going fundraising effort, with lots of giveaways. She's gotten a lot of her crafty blogger, Etsy, etc. friends together to donate goodies for the cause. I am also donating something (that will be announced later).

I also have the Chipin widget at the upper right hand side of my blog, for anyone who wants to donate directly - every $5 will get you an entry into the giveaway stakes! So, if you donate $20, that's 4 entries, and so on.

Here's the link to more info on Daisy's story:

A Giraffe in a Scarf

I think it's brave to ask for help.
also, kitties make me smile!


  1. Cute kitty in the sink!

    ♥ sécia

  2. What a sweet face! :3 Meow!


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