the Ultronic toy camera test

A few posts ago I mentioned my recent thrift find of a toy camera called an Ultronic Kinetic. It's a plastic camera much akin to a Holga or a Diana. I hadn't heard of the Ultronic before, so was excited to test it out.
The photos below are the only ones that turned out, out of a roll of 24. Such a shame more didn't turn out, but I like the few that did! I took photos of the same things I took digital shots of over the May long weekend.

ultronic cat & turtle
the neighbour-cat & my trusty garden turtle

ultronic dress & shoes
my vintage dress & new shoes

ultronic fawned family
my lovely neighbours Desiree, Gretchen & Winston, from sofawned.com
(kinda dig how grainy & over-exposed it turned out!)

ultronic bridge - look down
the Old Bridge Inn's bridge, looking down

ultronic bridge - look up
the Old Bridge Inn's bridge, looking up

ultronic sunset
the golden sunset, which turned out more orange via Ultronic

I'm not sure if I should attempt another round of shots or not, since it's expensive to get film developed & not have many turn out. However, I may do so but with a roll of 100 ASA film (which is what this camera is intended for). I used 400 ASA film here. I also took quite a few shots in overcast weather (thanks to the amount of rain we've been getting).
I find film photography more fun that digital - perhaps that's because of the unknown possibilities. With digital, you have an immediate response/instant gratification (which I admit is kind of awesome) - but in film, there's the anticipation of waiting ... of not knowing ... of getting that envelope back from the developers and giddily opening it up to see what (magic?) turned out.
It's almost odd to me that there is an entire generation of people who has never known, and never will know, what film is. Digital is all they have ever known, and ever will know. I was brought up on an old Pentax ME SLR - a camera I still take out for a spin now and then - but I won't eschew digital. I dig instant gratification now & then!



  1. oh lord I love the name of that camera! it sounds like the name for something that should clean your entire house while it's also giving you a massage. I'm with you though, photo finishing for anything other than 35 is WAY too pricey! I wonder if there's a less expensive online option out there...

  2. I love your photos. While I use digital most of the time, I still love the surprises that developing film can offer ... the only downside is that expense involved. I think I'll keep the best of both worlds.


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