a wall full of Fab

a trio of Fab Trays 

This is another little corner (well, wall) of my home.
It's found in my office/studio (which is currently just a big old mess).
I knew I wanted to hang up some of my beloved Fab trays,
and after humming and hawing over how to do so, 
I opted to choose what you see above & below.

a wall of art

Above, you will find a couple of framed LPs - a fun cheap method of creating art:
There's Audrey Hepburn looking lovely on an original LP of Breakfast at Tiffany's
and the other one I chose because of the girl in the striped top & joyful carousal photo.
In every room, you'll find a Lucky Jackson piece of art - here you see her Diana screenprint.
I mixed that with lots of smaller pieces, which I interchange often.
Bonus? The 'Date Slate' chalkboard that I scored whilst thrifting.

I have been collecting Fab trays for a few years now.
I always get giddy when I come across one whilst thrifting.
I hope to have an entire wall of Fab one day (when I have a wall big enough!).
So far, I have around 15 medium & 5 large Fab trays.

Fabulously yours,
p.s. I took these photos with my Olympus Trip 500, a fun little automatic film camera that I thrifted a lil bit ago. I've been using this camera a lot since my digital camera stopped working!


  1. You are lovely and this blog is lovely. And those trays--so lovely. Thank you so so much for the link love over there. I really appreciate it. Especially since it let me find your blog. You're a champ!

  2. You have such a lovely home!


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