Canada Day is for ... eating & drinking!

the Bean's yummies! 

@ the Silver Bean on Canada Day
my Canadiana nature-themed jewelry: maple leaf brooch, owl brooch & tree necklace!

the necessary ginger cookie 

mom & I at the Bean

Yesterday was Canada Day, and I celebrated by eating & drinking & being outside in the sunshiney day!

above: my mom & I drinking coffee drinks & eating ginger cookie treats at The Silver Bean.
In the big red mug is the most delectable treat I ever did try: an ice cream espresso!! I had no idea such a thing existed, and now that I do, it might put a crink in my sugar-free lifestyle. However, I partook in sugar & wheat & coffee & all kinds of very good bad stuff on Canada Day!
note: celebration days are a day not to worry about what you should or should not eat or do.
below: Elements restaurant, a favourite summer patio spot of mine. We stopped in to have beer (sadly not served in chilled glasses ...) & summery light lunch fair (in lieu of the street meat that was calling my name). Such a pretty place to chill out.

Elements restaurant

Elements lunch menu

Beer! @ Elements

pretty flowers @ Elements

tree sky @ Elements

This is Part One of my Canada Day happiness. Up next is an impromptu visit with familiar friends & a neighbourhood Iced Tea Stand!

All photos taken are thanks to the timely delivery of my brand new digital camera! I was immediately smitten, and the love light is growing each time I learn something new about it. It's an Olympus PEN E-PL1 - I've always had Canon digital cameras, and so decided this time around I'd go for something completely different. Am I ever glad I did! I cannot wait to get the add-ons available for this camera (like a special handmade pin hole lens I came across) and push it to its limits.
Don't worry though, just because I am in the throws of first love with my PEN, I won't be stopping my adoration of all things analog and polaroid! In fact, I have about 3 rolls of film to bring in to get developed next week. :)


  1. Happy Canada day to my favourite Canadian! It looks like you had a wonderful day, any day that includes much eating and drinking of sugar and wheat sounds good to me!

  2. Happy Canada Day! I was also downtown Peterborough that day! Stopped in at Riley's for lunch and then walked around Millennium Park, then to the later to the Fireworks! Looks like you had a great day as well; hope you enjoyed your weekend :)


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