Canada Day is for ... Grace & friends!

the neighbourhood Iced Tea Stand 
{prettiest iced tea stand, ever!}

Iced Tea Stand & puppy belly rubs 

Iced Tea Stand & Grace 

Part Two of my Canada Day celebrations!  see Part One
note: you won't find parades, fireworks or Canadian flags 'round these parts!

above: neighourhood Iced Tea Stand, run by a wonderful group of kids that I've had the pleasure of seeing grow up over the years. I had the Organic Peppermint iced tea while Gracie got lots of lovings & begged for some muffins. This particular Iced Tea Stand is a fundraising effort by the family, to raise funds to put in a fancy updated water park area in our Nicholls Oval Park. Enterprising family!

below: a happy happenstance: bumping into Chantilly of My Girl Thursday & her family whilst walking Gracie; it was such a lovely surprise to see this (fabulously gorgeous) family riding their bikes towards me. We all stopped off in the shade & sat on the grass - which meant more belly-rubbings for Gracie! Little miss Georgia Grace enjoyed my Diana camera (which I originally got from thursday) - I love the last photo below, of GG holding the camera by its strap.

thursday & family & a happy Grace 
{look at that happy puppy face!}

Pthursday & family 

Georgia & Diana

Such a grand day! While I didn't partake in the average patriotic ways, I felt that I incorporated all the little things that makes Canada home for me: food & drink, freedom, friends, and flora & fauna.

I hope my fellow Canucks are having a lovely long weekend full of fun in the sun, too!
I'll see you tomorrow for a Sunday Smile,


  1. Looks like a great Canada day!

  2. awww Caren, this is so sweet! and how kind of you to not mention my child's horrible behaviour. tell Gracie that I'm sorry again. she can come and chomp on Addie's tail any day.


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