The Chocolate Rabbit

tea & chocolate

Above: tea & chocolate yummy goodness prettily displayed
Below: where the tea & chocolate came from, The Chocolate Rabbit (in Lakefield, ON)

the chocolate rabbit 

fuzzy bunny 

the chocolate rabbit

chocolate machine

Above: a chocolate-making machine?! I want one, in every room of my home!

felted hello kitty tea cozy

Above: cutest tea cozy, ever! Hello Kitty look-alike by local artisans Madame Damselfly
(I have one of their felted tea cozies - they're fabulous!)
Below: Kusmi Tea, straight from France, a delightful cup every time! I got the Green Tea w/ lemon grass.

Kusmi Tea

tea & chocolate - hazelnut goodness

above: Hazelnut goodness - the first bite in was so good I nearly peed my pants.
All of those chocolates you see above lasted all night long. 
I like my chocolate to last.
I saved the caramels for last - I didn't take the time to take a photo of them before I gobbled 'em up:
they are a fabulous square shape, outer layer of milk chocolate, with the white inside & caramel drops on top.
Oh good Lord. SO GOOD.
The other chocolates were espresso, and they blew my mind. Tasted better than coffee.

I don't partake in this kind of chocolate often, in fact never since I started my new way of eating, but I could not deny trying the espresso, hazelnut & caramel ones. Harmless bit of delicious fun!

I'll head down to The Chocolate Rabbit again, that's for sure!
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  1. Oh my word... all the goodness!!

  2. OMG!!! What a Heavenly place!!! :))

  3. Ok now I have chocolate on my mind. I want, I need it!

  4. That store is simply adorable!

    Now I have those lovely little pistachio pieces on my mind......

  5. The chocolate rabbit looks absolutely delightful! I originally hail from the Peterborough area and it's really nice to read your blog and see some great places I know and love and many that I don't featured here!

  6. I just learned where Lakefield is today, thanks to this blog post. :) I loooove chocolate covered caramels - they're my favourite! May have to go hunt some out now.


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