Colour Therapy

These are a few of my favourite things on Etsy, which I pulled together for a little Colour Therapy!
The dress from Vera Vague is full of such bright happy colours, which leads to Laura Amiss's tea scene. Add a purple floral hand bag by Ika Bags and a geometric pouch by Heyday Handmade and you'll be ready for a picnic, like the scene from Pop Pop Portraits!
Purples, blues, and golden oranges with little bits of hot pink and bright green - it's a riot of colour that somehow works together beautifully (at least I think so!).


  1. I think these colors work together beautifully, too! Thanks for featuring my little pouch. I've been planning to do something with this color combination (purple and golden yellow/orange), most likely for my Analogue in Colors posts!!

  2. Lovely colours! I adore that shift dress!

  3. I just love collections of colour! :)

    That little pouch is uber cute!


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