a familiar nature walk

Grace over the bridge 

stripes + red shoes

grass spikes + blue sky

feather in hand

I take Gracie out for a walk at least once a day,
and every time she leads me on her path
(she has a favourite route).
I love going down the same trails every day,
to see what's changed
(nature mixes it up daily to keep things interesting!).
The sky was perfectly blue this particular day,
the sun smiling large,
and everything had an almost golden glow.
It was a particularly lovely nature walk.

The feather above now sits in a tiny wooden vase along with 2 other pretty little foundlings,


  1. Lovely pictures, your dog is so sweet :)

  2. Nice angles! Love those pictures ;) I see, Grace is a (wo)man of a habit... And that makes me think that she thinks a lot! :))

  3. Hey love! Great captures... love that big blue sky backdrop against the feather. Thinking of you and missing those sweet red clad feet! When's the next time you're going to the 'Bean'.. so I can pretend to bump into you there?! ;o) xo


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