the film that I forgot

b&w Heart Girl
Astrid = heart

b&w Polaroid Land
my Polaroid Land, looking pretty in black & white

b&w Gracie Shadows
Grace, shadowed in geometric shapes.

b&w Pencil Crayons
my colourful pencil crayons still look great in grayscale.

b&w Umbrella Girl
Astrid = the Umbrella Girl

I took these shots last summer, and just found the roll of film a couple of weeks ago still in my Pentax ME camera! I guess I just plum forgot I took an entire roll of b&w film and obviously did not use my Pentax since last year. Crazy, but all kinds of fun! I excitedly awaited the negatives to come back so I could find out what I had shot (and when).
The results make me want to play with more black & white film, something I do not do often enough.
Next time, I think I'll use my Holga and see what (possible) magic will ensue... and hopefully not wait an entire year to get it developed!
I loved the grainy texture of the photographs & depth of shade. Above are a few of my favourites, including the Umbrella Girl shot which was a part of a fun vintage-inspired photoshoot (see more here).
I often find myself bringing 2-4 different cameras when I go out for a day of shooting - it's fun to see how each camera will reveal a different layer of the same subject matter.
photo girl,


  1. ah, the sleek, elegant, depth of black and white. Great captures - as per usual! xo
    needle and nest.

  2. Beautiful photos. I love black and white photography. Yes please, take more! :)

  3. Beautiful!! I think the pencil crayons are my favourite.

  4. I often find old, used film rolls and have no idea what's on them. Love it! Great shots!

    ♥ sécia


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