I'm Batman...

This is what happens when I let my geek girl come out and play.
I reveal my want to be Batman on Twitter (not the first time, mind you),
and am given the twitter name batmancaren from Hellcatvintage.
I then roll with it, doing a quick sketch of a Batman-Batgirl character.
I change my Twitter account name from 'buttercupcaren' to 'batmancaren'.
And from that moment on, Batmancaren is born.
It's about bloody time, if I do say so myself.

yup. I geek out this much on a regular basis.
Now you know. 
And knowing is half the battle!
** The first person that can tell me where the tagline "...and knowing is half the battle" comes from wins something random & fun.... really! I'll mail something out to you.

UPDATE: I'm @buttercupcaren again 'cause I was too lazy to update all my social media to be batmancaren, but never fear, I'm still Batman!


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA this is just hilarious!!!! :) I hope you get your cape soon, batmancaren!

  2. You will always be batmancaren to me. ;)


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