in my neighbour's yard

in the neighbour's yard

This is a Polaroid I took in my neighbour's (sofawned.com) yard yesterday.
I tried to get Winston (the Boston Terrier you see in the lower right hand side)
to pose for me, but he wanted nothing to do with it. 
I caught him walking towards me, silly boy,
and loved how the big colour-block blanket was front & centre. 
It's always happy timing when a moment is captured just so.

This is the only Polaroid that has turned out during Polaroid Week.
(Polaroid Week is an annual Flickr event for instant photography geeks)  
I have taken about 10 shots so far, using Impossible Project packs
of PX70 Color Shade Push and PX100 Silver Shade.
It's been a frustrating week of instant photography attempts!
So, I was over the moon that the above shot worked out so well kinda okay.
(I thank the lighting & the fact I set the light/dark setting to its lightest)

There's still time to submit new Polaroids into Polaroid Week - until tomorrow (Friday)!
I hope to capture another moment to share on the Flickr Group.

Polaroid Girl,


  1. I think this shot is awesome :)

  2. I found a package of black & white film for my camera that I had tucked away in an art supply bin for ages. I think it didn't withstand the many moves over the 10+ years I had it as well as the temperature changes (some summer moves, some winter moves). I ended up with nothing coming out and was very sad. I ended up cutting out the frames of the Polaroids and wandered around my house taking 'pictures' I blogged about my reuse. Happy to see one picture turned out. There's something so wonderful about Polaroid film that always makes me think it's a picture from the 70s, no matter when it was taken.


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