a little birthday post for a friend

birthday tea 
Birthday girl Michele: tea & friends

It was my dear friend Michele's birthday last week, and as per our tradition, my mom & I celebrated it with her. This year, we did a low-key tea & gift-opening outing to Black Honey (a local dessert cafe). There, we were served tea in pretty vintage cups (well, I drank their homemade iced tea) and ate copious amounts of delicious cheesecake. Truly, a sweet day was had! Sprinkled on top of that was the gift-giving of handmade goodness.

kahlua cheesecake 
I had a piece of Kahlua cheesecake; in the background is Michele's Apple Caramel cheesecake.

honey cheesecake
my mom had the Honey cheesecake with a berry sauce on top.

tea & gifts 
tea & gifts! including a Time for Tea postcard I got from tabidesigns

happy birthday 

handmade gift - prayer shawl 
my mom knit a beautiful Prayer Shawl for Michele.

a handmade gift
This is a lovely Treasure Purse that I got from A Giraffe in a Scarf's mom! Perfect for Michele!
(thank you to Zoe & Zoe's mom!)

I enjoy intimate little get-togethers to celebrate the simple joys in life. There's a sweetness to a small gathering of loved ones, where the energy is passed around equally and easily.
The addition of tea & cheesecake is just the cherry on the cupcake of life.


  1. Hurrah! Happy birthday to your dear friend! I sent the link to Mum so she can have a look, she'll be thrilled to see her work in Canada!

  2. Happy birthday to your friend! Tea and cake is always good!!

  3. Thank you sweet friend for a lovely and most wonderful birthday celebration! What a lucky girl am I!
    all my love


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