random: downtown bride and groom

downtown bride & groom

It's times like this I wish I was equipped with all of my cameras all of the time.
I did have my digital camera on me when I saw this,
a random sighting of a bride & groom dashing downtown.
I only wish I had my Diana or Holga or a Polaroid on me! 
Prime moment for an analog shot, in my opinion.
At any rate, it was a delightful view. 
A random romantic sight.
Congratulations to the unknown bride & groom!

and lesson learned:
never leave home without your stash of cameras.


  1. Fantastic snap!
    I wonder where they were heading off to??

  2. I love sneaky shots! And lucky you having digital camera :) Immagine not having a single one in such a moment ;)

  3. thats brilliant! I always want to have about 5 cameras on me at all times in cases like this! :) awesome pic!


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