Saturday is for... the zoo!

meet the lemur\
Meet the Lemur day at the zoo!

It was Meet the Zoo Keeper day at the zoo, in particular meet the Lemur (every Tuesday, in fact!). So, I met the above Lemur, who has no name (we found out they don't name the Lemurs; instead they are differentiated by microchips). I would name this one Sugar 'cause of how much he/she loved the fruits. Social little creature, and with nifty opposable thumbs to boot.
Spent some time with the donkey you see pictured below, again very social! As always, I had to stop off and watch the Meerkats be all Meerkat-like. I even learned some interesting facts about turtle spines, different types of feathers, snake skin and touched an otter pelt. All in all, a very educational day! And all for free. The Peterborough Riverview Park & Zoo is all free, all the time. Crazy, isn't it? Add onto that the huge water park & play area and it's THE place to congregate.
note to the Riverview Park & Zoo: if you ever had to charge a nominal membership fee, I'd pay it.

donkey laugh
This Donkey was extremely social. We had a good chat.

Meerkat ... so cute. 'nuff said.

turtle spine
Turtle's spine is located in its shell. Fascinating! also, please brake for turtles.

toucan ride
why I did not get on this Toucan is beyond me.

feet in water
feet! in water! just the thing to do on a hot hot day.

Polaroid - Beat the Heat

Above, a Polaroid I took of kids playing in the water park. A perfect way to cool off on a very hot day. I, however, like to stay away from public water areas ... I know what kids do in water. But, I digress. It was fun to bring my dear old SX70 land Polaroid with me to the zoo & capture this moment of summertime joy!

with Polaroids & Donkeys dancing in my head,


  1. My weekend was spent with some furry friends too!

    That turtle shell is very neat - I've never seen inside one before!

  2. What a wonderful day out it must have been, and free??? Wow, that's great! :)

    I love how friendly that donkey looks ... such a sweetie!! :)

  3. I didn't know that about turtles' spines. Weird.

    ♥ sécia


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