Scenes from Today

Scenes from Today

dress of roses

Spent the day with a friend.
We went to the morning market
Where we drank coffee (I had iced)
Checked out local produce
And the cellist who played beautifully.
I saw an old Trillium camper
Transformed into a Downtown station post;
I want the Trillium camper for myself
(if it goes missing, don't blame me!)
Then Karen and I went to Matsu Sushi
Which is always a nice way to end a day.

scenes from today

My friend Karen and I also went to Nostalgic Journey, a lovely antique market place where you can't help but get giddy in. We both left with new favourite vintage pieces: I a Polaroid, an embroidered owl & 2 little Cathrineholm bowls. Let me repeat: I found Cathrineholm bowls! (my Holy Grail of vintage)
I will take photos of my pretty little bowls & share their goodness with you soon!

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