Sunday Smile: brownie for you

brownie for you

I was teasing Gracie with my little morsel of rich chocolate brownie goodness.
Am I evil, or what?
She didn't take the bait (thankfully) so I gobbled it up in one bite.
It's a lovely brownie made with yogurt, spelt/kamut flour, coconut sugar & 85% cacao Lindt chocolate.
Indulgent, but in a really good way!
Chocolate makes me smile,
p.s. my favourite setting on my new camera (Olympus PEN e-PL1, which I used all weekend long (thanks goes to Astrid for showing it to me!)? The Art soft focus filter; look at how soft & dreamy Gracie looks. :)


  1. The Brownie and the camera setting are both Yummy! :)

  2. I LOVE this picture! It is so sweet! :)


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