Sunday Smile: Cat in a Bin

Cat in a bin 

I'm sure all cat owners have come across this sight in their own home: the cat curled up in the laundry bin.
This is Strongpaw's first foray into the world of bins. I deem it Bun in a Bin
(one of my many nicknames for Strongpaw is "bun", short for "bunny")
The cuteness factor is high, as I've never known Strongpaw to be overly ... well, cute.
Of course, I think it's the freshly laundered (vintage) things in the bin that attracted her to jump in.
It didn't matter where the bin was placed, she was in it, looking sweet & saucy.
Of course, I had to take a few snaps to share with you.
Because that's what we cat-lovin' bloggers do!

Cat in a bin 2 

Cat in a bin - face

I didn't even mind that all the clothes had to be re-washed post-cat nap. She was that darn cute in her bin.
It's enough to make a girl smile!

Gracie sitting pretty
Gracie wanted to get in on the Sunday Smile action too, so I snuck in this shot of her. xo!


  1. She is such a pretty girl! Gracie too, of course.

  2. Oh my, her eyes are so gorgeous. <3

  3. She does have the biggest eyes I've ever seen in a kitty! (or maybe her head is too small? hehe!)

  4. what a cutie. my cat also likes to scare me by jumping in the dryer when i'm putting wet clothes in it. he thinks it's cozy but i think it's dangerous. oh cats.

  5. Those last two photos are absolutely precious! :)


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