Sunday Smile: puppy belly!

blissed out puppy belly

puppy belly

rub my belly

do I really need to say anything here?
dog wiggles her way onto my lap,
then creates (forces) a nest between my legs
and rolls onto her back with her head on the pillow
(a pillow I was using as a laptop table, mind you)
in such a way that it is impossible to ignore her
so, of course, I did not ignore her.

puppy bellies = smiles!

hope you have a puppy belly to rub, too, and if not then the equivalent of one (cat? girlfriend/boyfriend? ... the pigeon outside your window?).


  1. how gorgeous! We just had a little boy 5wks old who has started giving us smiles! Soon we can move to a house again (in granny flat) and will have our 3 yr old pup with us once again for puppy bellies!


    From a blog you may enjoy!


  2. :)) I can't say if it's your writing style, or the presence of happy belly that make me smile! But it DOES! :)

  3. Awww, Cute!! One of our cats will sit like this between my legs, but only only only if I'm trying to use my laptop, on my lap!

  4. Oh my! This makes me want a Chihuahua!


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