August Break: Day Eighteen

Chemex & Orla 

Today's August Break is brought to you by Good Morning!
coffee in Chemex form, poured into a frothy Orla mug
knitting hands on the front porch (my mom's!)
a cat who shows utter disdain for yarn
a dog who really does think she's human

Knitting hands the Cat & the Yarn good morning Grace

I hope you have a morning filled with light and little happy moments.
I am grateful for this morning. That I'm awake and ready to tackle the day, even though I didn't sleep and pretty much had a wicked awful night last night. It's the little things that bring light into the day, though, and I grabbed hold of all of them this morning.


  1. I love all the colours in these photos. I'm a sucker for olive green lately

  2. beautiful tones. and i wonder if there's some sleep disturbance in the air, i haven't slept well all week....


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