August Break: Day Fifteen

Today's August Break is brought to you by my backyard.
I stepped outside this morning to see life (and death) all around me!
A spider protecting his home.
A late blooming chive.
A carpet of thyme.
An insect war brewing in front of me.
Brilliant purple blossoms with bright yellow stamen.
A grasshopper camouflaged.
I stood still amongst it all.
Letting it soak in.

insect wars
the fly lost this battle. nature amazes me. every single day.

purple & yellow - portrait
doesn't it seem like this blossom is dancing?

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One doesn't need to go any further than one's own backyard to find inspiration in life, death, joy, & sadness - all found in the little things.


  1. What an amazing shot of the fly!! Nature truly is a wondrous thing!

  2. Great pictures! Love the picture of your kitties profile and the flower dancing! :)


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