August Break: Day Four

Day Four of The August Break is brought to you by:
typewriters, the glorious osprey and a funny little bug.

hello my name is
Typed on my very old Remington typewriter (which is up for sale in my Etsy Shop!

the osprey in flight
Two adult osprey were flying together, over their nest where their fledgling watched on.
(wish I had a zoom lens!)

the bug on my hand
This little fella came to visit awhile. Isn't he cute? I named him Curious Joe.

I heart owls.
my owl tee & new sunglasses <3

I should also mention that all of today's photos were taken in the morning, before I had to take Gracie to an emergency vet appointment. The poor girl couldn't breathe nor expel the treats the mail man gave her. They were lodged in her esophagus & that led to her belly being filled with air. She was in so much pain. I know how much that hurts me, but for a wee dog, well it was horrible to see. There wasn't anything to be done to help her though, things just have to move on their own (sorry if that gives you an icky mental image! ha!). Gracie and I are super tired after that little bit of trauma, so we're spending the rest of the day curled up together. Stress sets off my health issues, so I went into a major flare up. Doesn't help that I ended up being so stressed I ate McDonald's! I loathe their "food", but in that moment of angst, I just wanted to feed the badness away (healthy response, no?). Happily, the food was worse than I remembered it so I shan't make that mistake again! (except their iced coffee was delish!)

At any rate, Gracie is doing better, just very tired & she can't use her voice very well (barking comes out more like a warbled "boof") and her tummy is still upset. So, we're going to chill out the next couple of days.


  1. Oh poor little Gracie! And poor you too, I'm so glad it's all better now. Nothing worse than having sick furbabies.

  2. I think it's the best feeling when you don't enjoy something that's bad for you. It feels like a small win. :) Hope Gracie feels better soon! Poor pup.

  3. Hello
    My name is Andrea
    I live with my cat
    in a medium apartment
    filled with vintage things

    Love your blog {just found you via August Break Flickr group}.


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