August Break: Day Fourteen

soft paws 
There's something about kitty paws, isn't there? 
Such softness, yet underneath are sharp claws!
Love their contradiction.
Above is Kitten, my neighbour's kittycat.

Today's August Break is brought to you by Kitten's paws and a dead grasshopper.
Odd combination, I know.

the grasshopper wing 
i came across a dead grasshopper,
one wing partially unfolded
laying on the path, waiting.
the grasshopper wing
i've never seen a grasshopper's wing up close before.
amazing how perfectly it's folded under a protective barrier;
it reminded me of a geisha's fan.
such a delicate creature.
sometimes i think i was an entomologist in another life,
bugs intrigue me so
whilst at the same time they freak me out.

feeling poetic tonight,
might take up pen & doodle some words.
(and hope I feel better tomorrow)


  1. These are wonderful images. You do terrific work. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  2. I never knew a grasshopper wing was so beautiful. Thank you for sharing the photo.


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