August Break: Day Nine

Hello! Today's August Break is brought to you by rainbow cats & dogs!
How lovely is that?
Strongpaw, my cat, was laying in a beam of light which was refracted through a stained glass window - the effect was rainbowlicious! 

rainbow cat face

evil cat?
above: "evil cat?"
rainbow in her eye

Grace's eye : spectrum
 above: Gracie was not going to be outdone by a cat, so found a rainbow beam of her own.

I love when rainbows come inside my house.
Even more so when my animals lay in the beams.


  1. Neat, I should get some prisms for my kitty to bask near. :)

  2. The eye of Grace is capturing! I almost don't recognise her, but it shows the strong personality and the secret power over the cat :)) Interesting post!


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