August Break: Day Nineteen

posing in a posy dress blues & greens

For today's August Break, I bring you ... myself!
posing on a rock, with Gracie in the distance.
wearing a pretty pair of blue shoes.
(those shoes ended up being too narrow & hurt like the dickens)
p.s. I have named this dress my "Monet" dress.

Tomorrow I'm hosting a gigantic yard sale 
along with Desiree of sofawned.com & our friend Rebecca.
It's gonna be big.
Like, monumental.
There'll be cookies & brownies, too.
So, if you're a local inhabitant, come on out!

have a pretty-filled weekend!


  1. Aww, that dress is so pretty! Are so are you, pretty lady!

  2. I love that I saw these photos being taken ;)

  3. gaaaah! I missed the brownies?! I'm coming back over... pour me a glass of milk! hehe.. so great to see.squeeze you today.. sorry to run quick too, date sometime soon?! xo
    Mel - needle and nest design.


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