August Break: Day One

I joined up with the August Break photo challenge - which isn't really a challenge because there's no rules. It's more about giving a fun focus to the month of August through photography (at least that's how I'm looking at it). I've never joined a group like this before, and so am diving in head first!

I decided to do a Day in the Life of Me kinda dealio. Here's what today looked like:

Grace - funny face

Queens Anne Lace - shadow

Queens Anne Lace - hair

Queens Anne Lace - home

cool creepy bug

bug on its back

Grace checks out bug

It was a nature day today. Found that beetle bug outside my front door when I went to take Grace for a walk this morning. It was on its back, wiggling its legs frantically. So, I flipped it over. It promptly went back to its upside down position, so I thought I'd better take it to the garden. I'm sure it's a bad beetle - y'know, the kind that eats trees or something, but it was so fascinating that I just had to watch it awhile. Even Grace got in on the watching!
Then on Grace's walk, I, like I always do, fell in love with the Queens Anne Lace. I picked one & put it in my hair. Then brought it home so I could enjoy it a while indoors. Such a fragile looking flower; yet so strong & sturdy.
The first photo up above, of Gracie looking so silly? I love that shot. She was so happy post-running about - I quickly snapped a photo & got that as a result. She looks a little nutty, and I like it.
Happy August!

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  1. I love the first photo of 'nutty" friend :)) and the bug story. Good luck in project!


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