August Break: Day Seven

me & my Spectra (feet) looking down (face) looking down (feet) me & my Spectra (looking down) 

Day Seven of the August Break is brought to you by a girl and her Polaroid:
a Spectra Polaroid to be exact.
I got into a self portrait kinda mood,
I blame the poncho (isn't it darling?)
which I scored for $1.99,
and the freshly thrifted shoes, at $7.99
(the most comfortable shoes I ever did wear)!
Mostly, though, I just needed to do something creative.
Rainy days make me feel cooped up & creative all at the same time.
The moment the rain stopped, I flew the coop
with dog & cameras in hand.
It was just what the Inspiration Doctor ordered.

Here's a snap I took with that gorgeous grey Polaroid,
just the other day whilst visiting my neighbour's critters.
This kitty's name is Lydia, and I adore her:

Polaroid of Lydia
if you look *really* closely you can see Lydia's co-cat Kitten's bum walking away from the camera.

This post has a little bit of everything, I just realized.
It has a bit of a "what I wore" vibe, thrifted goodness, polaroid love, a cat, plus it's an August Break entry.
How filling! :)


  1. SO JEALOUS of your poncho!!!! :)

  2. Spectra love!! Sadly, my Spectra has been neglected for about a year, on account of my lack of film. Booo.


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