August Break: Day Seventeen

Well, today's August Break is intended to prove that, indeed, I can be found in other places than just my backyard! Evidence:

sunflower sky the sunflowers are taking over 
sunflowers found in front of a friend's home - so many that they collapse over one another!
Humane Society Thrift Humane Society Thrift 
thrift shop trip #1 = Humane Society Thrift Shop + proof that I was actually there!
Sally Ann Sally Ann 
thrift shop #2 of the day: Salvation Army + proof that I was actually there!
the bicycle brooch 
favourite new brooch: scored at Sally Ann.
my thrifted flying squirrel 
flying squirrel or sugar glider? either way, I'm in love!
the Wednesday morning Market 
ended my outing at the Peterborough Wednesday Market
iced coffee = YUM!
my usual stop: Kyoto Coffee for iced coffee goodness!

There you have it - photographic evidence that I do actually leave my home. Now & then.
I really am a homebody, though. And my backyard is my oasis.
But Wednesdays? I have to go out if only to get me some iced coffee.
Note: I did not take photos of the boring errands I had to run, you can thank me later. :)


  1. baha.. you're cute. Love the old guy transitioning from door to car door at SallyAnnes. Can I give you a tracking anklet so I know next time you leave the house.. and share that iced coffee? ;o) xo

  2. that brooch is adorable and I lvoe the sunflower photos :)


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