August Break: Day Sixteen

smiley cat

Today's August Break is brought to you by kitty whiskers & smiles.
Seedpods held in hand.
A perfectly busy bee.
Dog's nose & tongue.
My happily thrifted vintage housecoat (aqua & orange plaid!)

seedpods in hand a busy bee Grace nose & tongue my housecoat

I smooshed in a lot of things for the 16th day of my August Break, didn't I? No real rhyme nor reason. Just wanted to share little glimpses at moments of my day. Just like yesterday, these photos are all brought to you by my backyard. It may seem like I don't go anywhere else, but I actually did go to many different places today! Really! ... honest! (next time, I'll bring my camera with me on my outings so you'll believe me).
green grasshopper
oh, and yes, another grasshopper! This time, a green one. I'm finding quite a few different types of grasshoppers in my own backyard. Fascinating little creatures.
with a little joy in my heart,


  1. i think it's a very good thing to find joy in the little moments in your own backyard. and your photos of them are just lovely. :-)

    oh, and thank you for stopping by my little bobbaloo post...i do quite agree with you about supporting etsy sellers and i haven't completely stopped buying on etsy...i just really don't like the wanna-be mark zuckerberg aura it's gotten of late. i think the last of my items has expired now and i won't be putting anything back in my shop there unless things change. i guess i feel the only power i have against things like that that i don't agree with is my power as a consumer, so i'm trying not to exercise it on etsy at the moment. :-) ok, stepping off my soapbox... :-)

  2. I love this post, cat's whiskers, dogs noses and orange plaid are some of my favourite things :)

  3. Whoaaa, that shot of the bee is wonderful. :)

  4. Luv the picture of your dogs beak. :)

  5. So many different colors! Very happy day!


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