August Break: Day Thirteen

I'm catching up with myself by posting this before midnight!

Day Thirteen of August Break 2011 is brought to you by FASHION.
Or something resembling such.
Oh, and a latte - a dreamy latte.

the chevron dress
vintage chevron dress {via The Arbor Vitae}
~I could only get a good shot of the lower half of myself~

the braided handle
scored this fabulous handbag whilst thrifting;
it's a Sabrina Scala for anyone who follows designers (unlike me)

funny story: I had a purse on me, one that I had previously thrifted, and it was killing my shoulder. 
I knew it had to never be used again - spotted this gorgeous comfy-handled baby at the right moment. 
Its handle was so beautifully crafted, I ended up switching purses before I even bought it.

the dreamy latte
this is how I started my day: by way of a dreamy latte.

Now I'm all caught up with my August Break posts! I set this as a discipline for myself - I have no idea why - and so my dropping the blogging ball yesterday made me want to post thrice today. Crazy.
I haven't been feeling so great the past couple of days, and today's no better. The only thing to do is rest, and hope to get past it ... I am not good at resting. I need someone to come over and sing me lullabies (preferably with a ukulele in hand).
Sleepless in small town Ontario,

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  1. I'm not good at resting either ... I think it can be frustrating sometimes for the people around me! ;)
    Take care of yourself.

    PS. I love your pretty chevron dress.


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