August Break: Day Thirty-One!

My last August Break post is dedicated to catnapping.
I spent a lazy afternoon with a friend's cat (who I've been cat-sitting the past week).
I laid on the comfy red couch, with sun beams filtering in & a purring kitty on my belly.
Truly, the most peaceful way to spend an afternoon.
I am not embarrassed to admit I fell asleep for over 2 hours after taking these photos.

catnapping - cat ears catnapping - cat paws Kitty high five?

Now, I wonder if my friend Karen will mind if I swap cats with her?
Strongpaw (my kittycat) would never spend an afternoon snoozing on my belly.
I never had a better sleep than that afternoon catnap with Kahlo-cat.

I have so enjoyed taking the August Break 2011!
I can't believe this is the last day. 
I loved giving this focus on photography for an entire month.
I am totally psyched for September, though!
I'm a big autumn fan. It's the season that makes me the happiest.
Already, the cooler nights have set in and the days are getting shorter.
I can already see some leaves turning colour.
I'm giddy with anticipation!

with catnap wishes,


  1. Catnapping with cats is the greatest! In the afternoon, when all my girls are curled up in bed, I love to slide in with them, I have to carefully fit myself around them, and then I snooze for a couple of hours with them all purring away. Bliss!

  2. Aw... I love this! Relaxed mood and cat's nails... :)

  3. I have adored and admired your August Break posts, and no better way to end it than with a perfect cat-nap. Truly lovely each and every one of your images, you've inspired me

  4. Kahlo baby! <3 miss that kitty so much :(
    cute! xox

  5. discovered your gorgeous blog through 'so fawned'. happy new follower.



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