August Break: Day Thirty

Ben & Jerry's break 
Ben & Jerry's ice cream break! Astrid & I had our own pints to spoon goodness from.
the Bracelet Triplets 
Astrid, Jen (aka lucky jackson) and I all have wish bracelets. (make a wish!)
Wish Bracelet 
Twenty Six Mermaids wish bracelets
my pup loves Astrid
Gracie pup loves Astrid more than anything; that is a look of adoration!

This is the last Festival-related August Break post! I know I did more than my fair share of them the past few days, but you can't blame me - it was a weekend of festivaling! Worthy of many posts! :)

I am not much of a Festival girl, but the Folk Festival is a must for me. It's practically right next door to my house, and always has lovely artisans, food venders & so much music. It's not too crowded, and it's a fun-loving carefree crowd. Oddly enough, though, I'm not a crowd-girl. I prefer quiet low-key gatherings. The Folk Festival has just the right amount of festivities!

Next post is the last August Break one! And it'll be a quiet one.

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