August Break: Day Three

me & Grace

Day Three is brought to you by Grace & I, on a rainy day.
She did not leave my side all morning because she knew I was going out and she really didn't want to be left behind. The photo above was taken during a serious cling-on session (she would not let me put her down). Aw, snuggly little needy puppy. I decided not to go out again today, and am currently in my PJs watching the steady rain fall outside the windows with a warm & cuddly pup on my lap.

Rainy Day Girl,


  1. I think this picture is beautiful, you two look absolutely happy to have each other! :)

  2. awwws, cute Gracie+Caren snuggle shot! Good call on the hiding out and staying cozy option.. I'm so thrilled to be able to wear cozy socks today - the first in like.. months! xo
    needle and nest.


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