August Break: Day Twenty-Eight

A belated August Break day 28 is brought to you by (even more!) lucky jackson & the Peterborough Folk Festival! You'll notice that there aren't any music-related photos of my Festival visit. I should point out that this is primarily a music festival ... however, I always end up just visiting the artisans & food venders. I guess I'm less about music & more about looking/buying pretty things & eating good food. ;)

It's all about us 
"It's all about us" textile art by lucky jackson
Lucky Jackson Fisher Price 
how genius is that? lucky kept her biz cards in a Fisher Price cash register! eep!
Astrid photographing Lucky's Booth 
lucky's booth just screamed to be photographed; Astrid obliged!
Lucky & Astrid
lucky & Astrid = so much pretty!
the Girls in Polaroid
the four bloggy artsy friends: Astrid, lucky jackson, Mel of Needle & Nest Design and I! 
xox all around, in Polaroid form no less! (thanks to the stranger who took this using my trusty Spectra!)

More weekend festival festivities in photograph-form coming up in the next couple of posts ... yup, the weekend was that stuffed full of awesomeness that I have multiple posts about the same event. woohoo!
p.s. pop over to Astrid's blog & Mel's blog to see more photos & fun from our festival weekend!

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  1. Yay Jen!! God dang her booth is the best! And I said booth - not boobs (but they're great too).


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