August Break: Day Twenty-Five

Today's August Break is brought to you by Childhood!
Happy little plastic blasts from our past:

all the little people 
Fisher Price little people collection = supreme awesomeness!
Superman & Wonder Woman 
"He looked at her with longing, but she never gave him the time of day."
Superman & Wonder Woman: the love story.
in a glass bowl 
Plastic toy animals waiting for little hands to rescue them from their glass prison!
happy tiny toy cameras
tiny little colourful toy cameras = happiness at your fingertips!

All of the wonderment you see above can be found at the sweetly talented Lucky Jackson's studio.
I want to live there amongst the toys & art & fabric & happiness.
It's impossible to leave Lucky's home without feeling inspired,
even if only to sit down & play awhile!

Spent the day today with Lucky, and loved every minute of it. We thrifted til we dropped & then some! Those stories are for another post, though. Today is all about the colourful memories from childhood found in her art studio/toy collection room. Seriously swoon-worthy space from a seriously swoon-worthy artist!
Lucky's website
Lucky's Etsy shop
Always find time to play in a day!


  1. so bright and cheery! precisely what I needed this rainy, drk Friday morning.

  2. I really, really love toys. This is the coolest thing I`ve seen in ages!

  3. I remember playing with and loving Fisher Price little people. I even recognize a few of the people I owned from that picture. Nostalgia!


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