August Break: Day Twenty-Nine

The Good Lovlies {photo source: goodlovelies.com}
the Lovelies: Sue Passmore, Kerri Ough, Caroline Brooks

This August Break post is dedicated to The Good Lovelies. This is the loveliest of live music I have had the pleasure to listen to & watch. I wish I could've gotten better photos of these lovely ladies, but I didn't want to take photos whilst they were performing, and nor did I want to use a flash. Therefor, kind of crappy indoor shots ensue. Forgive me? You would if you got a chance to see them live, too! :)

the Good Lovelies the Market Hall - in anticipation the Good Lovelies take a bow

"Lie Down" by The Good Lovelies (the audience had an interactive singing moment with this song at the concert; which has caused this song to be stuck in my head every day since - I am not complaining!)

Jones soda - Brownie!
It was entirely too awesome that the Jones soda Astrid got at the show had a vintage Brownie camera on its label! I admit, I wanted to bring the empty home with me (but we forgot in our post-music-blissfulness).

McThirsty's Pint
On the way back to the car, we passed by live music at McThirsty's Pint. This is one of the cool things about my hometown; music is everywhere!

Astrid, my mom, and I went to see The Good Lovelies this past Friday at The Market Hall (recently & beautifully refurbished) as part of the Peterborough Folk Festival. The concert also featured Melissa Payne as the opening act, and the evening was the kick off party to the Festival.
As soon as The Good Lovelies hit the stage, we knew we were in for a treat! I was entranced by their sweet voices, use of mandolin, banjo & percussions, plus their retro charm. We adored everything about these three singers - from their "no pants" requirement (they only wear dresses when performing) to their instrument-swaps and witty anecdotes; the concert was refreshing and wonderfully interactive.
I bought their CD after the show & it has been played numerous times since. Astrid & I cannot get their song "Lie Down" out of our heads, and often found ourselves humming/whistling/singing their tunes all weekend long. They are infectious, in a really really good way!
I forgot how good it was to listen to live music; thank you The Good Lovelies, for making that night one to remember!

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