August Break: Day Twenty-One

restaurant green tea 
Really big pancakes.

August Break is brought to you by a recovery day (which was my yesterday).
Which included green tea, gigantic pancakes, and wearing of stripes & an owl.
My post-Yard Sale self was in dire need of Doing Nothing.
I did a very good job of living up to that expectation on Sunday!

owl necklace love

I wore the above outfit for all of 1 hour (long enough to get said gigantic pancakes),
then found myself back in PJs and in need of quiet time.
Watched a BBC series entitled 'Lost in Austen' - very transportative
(recommend for anyone who enjoys mixing up the classics).

standing in the circle garden
at the water's edge

I hope you, too, find some time to pause & simply watch the world for a while. I find it helps to ground oneself in the now & let some worries slip away.
p.s. today will be bringing you two August Break posts, to make up for the lack of one yesterday. :)

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