August Break: Day Twenty-Three

Cat scratching his chin 

It's all about Cats vs Dogs in this August Break post!
My neighbour's cat Patience came by for a visit, which I adore.
Grace, on the other hand, is not the biggest of fans of these kitty visits.
I talk to Patience like this, "oh, you handsome boy, have you come to help me garden today?"
and this, "who's the best boy? yes, you are. you're the best little buddy."
Obviously, Grace gets very jealous.
And I sound like a very crazy cat lady.

Why? Dog vs Cat 
Patience (aka F-Man) likes to plop down in front of Grace & show his belly off. meow.

Grace likes to Dance
Grace responds by getting up on her hind legs & showing off her Meerkat impersonation skills.

Gracie's victory dance?

Oh, animated GIFs, you're fun.
Who won the Cats vs Dogs battle today?
Well, it's always the cat. Silly.

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