August Break: Day Two

Day Two of August Break 2011 is brought to you by C O L O R !
I had a crazy good day today, which can be summed up by rainbows.
Rainbow of nail polish colours, which my naked toes desperately need.
Rainbow shoes - the craziest shoes I've ever bought!

colour therapy : nail polish colour my toes crazy shoes pattern & colour

On top of all that colour, I also came home to a fantabulous tweet from Lomography Canada!
I won this fabulous YELLOW SprocketRocket camera!!

Colour me rainbow!
happy day,



  1. I love all your bright nail polish, I love having tons of color choices. Your shoes are super cute too!

  2. What an awesome day! I'm diggin' all the bright colors! :)

  3. LOVE those shoes!! Wherever did you find them?

  4. you lucky lady! you are going to have fun with that!

  5. Laurie - unbelievably, the shoes were a Winners find! I think they were the pair no one wanted. It was love at first sight. :)
    Thursday - I've never sprocketed before! Can't WAIT!

  6. This was a good day indeed!!! :) Love that camera you lucky thing!!

    And your shoes are awesome as always :)

  7. you sure are lucky with winning cameras :) though I still cant decide if I like the bright colour sprocket rockets, it seems to take amazing photos.

    I love your shoes!


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