the Monocled Lop

So, I got myself something I've been wanting for ages. If I was crafty enough, I would've made them myself - however, I don't have that gene so was thrilled when the Monocled Lop opened their fabulous doors on Etsy recently. I quickly snatched up their custom padded camera bag inserts (or as I lovingly call them, "camera cozies"). I asked the proprietors, Amy & Emily, if I could send them some of my own vintage fabric to make my camera cozy and they obliged! yay! Shortly thereafter, I received my sweet package from these lovely shop owners & boy, am I won over!

Monocled Lop
the Monocled Lop : how cute is their logo?!
the camera bag & Polaroid 
above: the pretty cozy awaiting my Polaroid & vintage Samsonite carry-on/camera-bag.
the padded camera inserts 
above & below: the camera cozies doing their job, beautifully!!
the camera bag stuffed with Polaroids

Over at the ever-delightful A is for Ampersand (Amy's blog), you will find a post filled to the brim with shop updates at the Monocled Lop - all of which are vintage bags with custom camera cozies! Or you can order just the camera cozies on their own (which is what I did).
Thank you Amy & Emily, for making my (camera cozy) dreams come true!
My Polaroids are happier because of you.


  1. YOU ARE THE BEST! Thank you so so much, Caren. We appreciate it more than you'll ever know. It looks amazing, and we are so thrilled you are happy. THANK YOU!

  2. Ooooh, I must check these out! I'm always so hesitant to take any of our Polaroids with us on our outings just because I'm not quite sure if they'll make it banging about in my purse like they do. Which is why I never take Polaroids anymore! I'm loving the super bright colors of your cozy! :)

  3. I love their camera bags so much! I'm going to get one soon :) I think I have an addiction to nicely designed camera bags.. I already have 2, one that was almost 200$

  4. awesome fabric! love Amy's blog and her shop, too. it really could not have turned out more perfect


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