the one with the salt cellars

Are you like me and you'd never heard of the term "salt cellar" before? Nonetheless "salt pig"?
Well, prepare to be educated! I delved into the world of salt cellars/pigs/bowls on Etsy & got giddy.

{click on the images to be taken to individual shops}

salt & pepper bowls : paulova

salt pig : wisperon

salt cellar and spoon : vesselsandwares

salt cellar and spoon : potteryandtile

wee bowls : panopoly

salt cellar and spoon : NstarStudio

salt monster : jampdx

Obviously these little bowls (ones without the word 'salt' on them) are multi-functional. Spices, butter, heck even jewelry or loose change can find their way into their precious little spaces! Swoon.
I adore objects that come in wee packages. Little things always find their way home with me.
I may need to include a salt cellar into my kitchen - seems like an elegant way to dole out salt, yes?

salty & sweet Caren


  1. I do love some salty goodness! :)

    The first and the last are my absolute favourites, and yes they are very elegant indeed.

  2. Haha, clearly you're not watching nearly enough Food Network ;) LOVE these!

  3. absolutely. i don't even have a salt shaker anymore. they're so last season. ;-)


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