Sunday Smile: Hula Hoops

the Hula Hoopers Polaroid
Polaroid of happy hula hoopers (including a friend's daughter, Ava)

A Sunday Smile with an animated GIF of me hula hooping, you say?
Yes. Yes that's just the thing to make for smiles (possibly giggles & even a snort?)

{animated GIF will just repeat itself for hours of entertainment!}

I had no idea I could even hula hoop my hips about, but I did, and it totally made me smile.
Like an idiot. 
I need to get one of these bad boys so I can hoop it up at home.
Great freaking work out, too! The hoop I'm using above is weighted.
It was awesome to have a bevy of hoops to play with at the Peterborough Folk Festival.

More posts with content from the PFF will be coming soon, via my August Break posts!
Stay tuned for handmade goodness, art, pretty ladies, the Good Lovelies, and more!


  1. bahahah.. you're freakin' fantastic! I would have been too scared to even try - probably pop out a hip - or preemie baby! lol Loved seeing you my lil' miss sunshine. ;o)

  2. You are amazing. This is amazing. I keep hearing of this PFF, and I'm jealous! Glad you had fun.

  3. OHMAHGAWD! That GIF is totally making my day. Hell, my YEAR!!


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