Sunday Smile: Yard Sale

lucky jackson bombshell Karen

We had a yard sale yesterday - it's an annual event (sometimes twice/year) for the girls of Ross Street.
This was our second of the season and it was gloriously sunny & full of laughter.
Above spotlights some of the pretty smiles seen on our day of happy saling!

ooey gooey brownies
the Spring Blossom cups
Gracie for sale?

Rebecca, our co-saler, baked the yummiest of ooey gooey brownies you ever did see!
She also baked chocolate chip cookies, but by the time I took photos only 2 were left.
I had a table full of vintage housewares, including some Spring Blossom Pyrex cups.
Grace kept laying in the midst of for-sale stuff, possibly hoping to make a few bucks?

It was a happy day - exhausting - but full of smiles.
I love the sociability of a yard sale - the community.
Our neighbours even ran a lemonade stand to raise funds for our park's splash pad!
We'll be back to do it again next year; it's become an annual event for Des (sofawned.com) & I. :)
hello chicken head!
even the neighbourhood chickens got lots of visits! {photo taken by Astrid}

To our local peeps, thanks so much for popping by & saying hi!

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  1. What an awesome day! My favourite gals in Peterborough!


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