August Break: Day Ten

dragonfly wings - flower dragonfly wings - on stone hitchhiking grasshopper - macro

Today's August Break is brought to you by my favourite photography subject: nature! Insects being a part of that broad spectrum. I get giddy if I can get close up to a bug. This happened twice today, in two distinctively different ways.
First, a hitchhiking grasshopper caught my attention. This little guy had attached itself to the roof of the car & found its way to the downtown. Before he jumped off, I got a few macro shots & had a nice lil chat with him. Dapper little fella.
Secondly, and less happily, I found a dead dragonfly on my steps upon my return home. I became quite enchanted with this little winged creature, and carefully placed it on a yellow bloom to take a photo. I decided that was wrong of me, so moved him to the ground, where dragonflies often sun themselves. I left him in a sheltered area where he can be at peace. I've never photographed a dead insect before ... it felt wrong somehow, but I wanted to capture its beauty. I felt I did so, whilst also respecting its preciousness.
I became quite introspective about the whole thing. Life. Death. Fragility. Respect.
All of those things came into my mind, all because of a grasshopper and a dragonfly.
Truly, life can be found in the littlest of places.


  1. Great macros!
    The wing detail in particular is so beautiful!

  2. These are wonderful pictures. I'm sad to hear about the dragonfly, they are such helpful and beautiful insects.

  3. ...and I was thinking the photos of dogs and cats were good :) Now I love the insect's macros!

  4. Ohh. I love the wing photos. So delicate.


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