the Yellow Sprocket Rocket!

the yellow sprocket rocket

I am a lucky girl (sometimes). I won this yellow Sprocket Rocket via a tweet. A tweet to Lomography Canada, in fact! They had a contest & I entered, because I enter just about any contest involving a camera (film or Polaroid, please). I was tickled pinkyellow when they contacted me letting me know I won - and two days later, a box arrived with my new toy inside!

Analogue package superpop! the yellow sprocket rocket in box me & my yellow sprocket rocket

Check out Lomography (if you haven't already) - it's an online haven for film/analog/lomo freaks (like me)!
Now I just need to go & get myself some more film so I can test drive this pretty shiny ridiculously yellow rocket! :D
p.s. I am a bit lucky when it comes to lomo, 'cause I also won a yellow-orange Holga from For The Easily Distracted last year! If I keep this annual lucky streak going, I'll have to rename myself Lucky Lomogirl. ;)

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