focus on: Royal Mint

Today we focus on the wonderment that is Royal Mint's little felt and clay creatures.
They are full of magic.
My favourite is the bear. All of the bears: Spirit, Cave, Sweater, Icelandic, Hunters & Gatherers ... they're all here to be found.
{click on individual bear to go to their listing}

It's a good time to visit Royal Mint, as her shop is brimming with wildlife and whimsical creatures alike.
You'll find bad ass tabby cat brooches, ginger ponies, sneaky raccoons, squirrels, wolves, creatures named Aalbert & Jens, and so much more! 
Just so you don't think I'm all about bears, here's a sampling of other critters you'll find there:

I think that's enough for now, oui? It's impossible to narrow the selection down to share with you. I hope this smorgasbord of imagery will entice you to visit Royal Mint today! It's such a delight.
The artist behind Royal Mint, Sabina, is based in Montreal, Quebec. She's practically a neighbour (well, provincially speaking).
Oh, and Sabina uses Twitter too. 

{UPDATE} RoyalMint is Etsy's current Featured Seller! I didn't realize that when I put this lil post together. 
with joy,


  1. Oh, so cute!
    I think I'm in love with Sven! <3

  2. Wow what beautiful creations! I am going to have to check out her work since we are in the same city it is funny that I have never seen these beauties around anywhere. Thanks for the introduction to yet another amazing artists.
    I hope you are having a wonderful week so far and thanks for the sweet comment on my blog.
    Much Love,

  3. How adorable!

    Xo Chloe.


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