Grace interlude

Gracie & I
I hid behind my cute puppydog, 'cause I have a puffy sick face going on right now.

hello my dear chickadees!
I hope this post finds you all full of cupcakes and tea. :)
Just a short note to apologize for the lack of posts so far this month.
I've been terribly busy keeping up with this crazy thing called Life, and a huge side dish of sick.
Change is Good, but sick is just plain craptastic.
So, I thought I'd distract you with Gracie pup snaps & stories!

Grace - not comfy 
here she is, in all her hangdog glory!
she was obviously saying, "bring me a pillow for my tush, this gravel is too hard!"
and, of course, I complied!
Grace - comfy "can we go now?"
Grace in her "don't leave me!" plan of attack.
Um, and yes, her plan worked. She's a smart cookie.

I've got a guest post & giveaway coming up next week over at the lovely A is for Ampersand;
I'll keep you informed of those pretty posts when they come. :)
I'll have some thrifty posts to share, a Polaroid giveaway, and lots more before the month is gone!

written in my "sick bed" (where you'll find me most often these days), with a puppydog to keep me warm,
xo Caren


  1. Grace is always a welcome and adorable distraction!
    Sorry to hear you're unwell. Seems a lot of people are being struck with a pesky mid season cold! I hope you feel better soon. xo

  2. I love pictures of Grace. She's just so cute. :)

  3. Haven't you teached Grace to make you a cup of tea while you are sick? No doubt, she is capable of everything!!!

  4. Awww, she looks so happy on that pillow! She is one well loved puppy dog. I hope you're feeling better. xox


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