happiness is: inspiring friendships

I visited with two of my closest friends the other day. I went with them to their home, a home that is surrounded by acres and acres of nature. It's a lovely place to go, and I haven't been in a while.
So, I immersed myself in their surroundings.

Art can be found everywhere, as Michele Karch-Ackerman is a bit of a national treasure with her heartfelt installation pieces, and her daughter Astrid (my goddaughter) is constantly creating beautiful things.
Like the jackalope & banjo textile pieces you see below:

Astrid's jackalope Astrid's banjo art

There's vintage goodness everywhere you look in their home. It's such a treat to the eye!
Every time I go, I find a new-to-me corner of other-timeliness. Below is Astrid's collection of ever-so-delightful vintage ceramic deer - including the most amazing blue deer lamp! Another little corner revealed some chrome goodies gathered together: a Big Ben clock, an old fan & a couple of thermoses.

so much vintage deer goodness! some vintage metal. 2 girls being cute.
Astrid & I hamming it up in her room; a room with a view to MANY MANY Polaroids.
I didn't take any photos of her rather large collection; I was too busy drooling.

  tea, with milk.
Tea is a standard heart-warmer at this home.
Always served in pretty cups, to suit the feel of the day.
I had milk in my tea. We drank it outside on their deck-on-high.

It's always an inspiring visit, full of dear friendship, art, Gilmore Girls (well, we attempted to watch some, but ended up talking instead - apropos, yes?), tea, egg salad sandwiches, happy dogs, and nature walks.
with joy, always,
p.s. here's a sweet blost post Astrid did of one of Michele's art shows.

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