hello September

It has been a week since I blogged last. That's a lengthy bit of time for me. I do believe I may have over-blogged myself in August ... is that possible? I was so into the August Break, so enjoyed focusing on photography & experiences, that I just kept on blogging! Enter September, and I just sort of ran dry. I started writing a few posts, only to put them to rest and feeling like I had nothing to relay to you ... or to myself.

stepping cautiously down the ravine

I've been spending lots of time soaking in nature. September is such a lovely month - the weather cools down just enough to make days more bearable for a heat-unhappy girl like myself. The nights are just right, perfect for cozying up in a blanket. Bring on the autumn, baby! It's a short but oh so sweet season.

standing on water

As soon as September began, I set to the task of painting my bedroom a glorious shade of white, called Atmosphere. It's the kick start I needed to make some big changes in my home. I'll never be a minimalist - I'm too much of a collector for that nonsense! - but now I crave more white, less clutter (less *stuff*). I want art to shine on my walls and my favourite things to be easily in view. Below is a couple of photos of my favourite views in my freshly painted bedroom:

a happy wall

happy corner
I love my new white walls in my bedroom so much, I had to take a Polaroid.

I promise to make up for my absence with lots of pretty pictures, little stories from my corner of the world, more Gracie & Strongpaw shenanigans and oh yes ... giveaways! I think it's time for a blog makeover, too.

... stay tuned ...
... same Bat channel ...

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  1. phew! There you are my sweet :o) Be warned.. I'm roping lucky into doing a 'girls date to the bakery' soon.. with you in tow! We'll keep you posted :o) ox
    needle and nest


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