the one with the gift of an owl

I've been thrifting a lot.
Like, a lot.
The proof is in my apartment - the apartment I only just cleared out via a yard sale, only to fill up again with new tasty bits of vintage goodies.
It's not classified as hoarding... yet.
I really do want to reduce my inventory - both for my personal & my business worlds.
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However, I love to thrift. To hunt. To gather. Just instead of using a bow & arrow and running about the forest, I go to yard sales & thrift shops.
This is the story of how I took my mom to a familiar haunt of mine; but it's not a thrift shop, it's an antique barn.
My mom is not a huge fan of thrifting - although I have to admit, I've slowly been turning her to my way of thinking. She currently has a cute collection of mugs, juice glasses & vases - all vintage or handmade, all thrifted. I get gleeful when I see a new mug added to her collection.
Anyways, I brought her to the antique barn to look for a unique piece of jewelry she wanted to gift a friend. It was mad fun, looking at all the pretty baubles!
So, of course, I had to bring home a couple of sparklies for myself. A girl can't ever have too many baubles!
Insert pretty vintage baubles below:

vintage jewelry
cloisonne brooch, enamel owl pendant

Here's the nifty part of this story - besides the bringing home of pretty little vintage baubles (including the 2 bracelets seen below), which take no room up in my apartment and therefore I feel absolutely no guilt over - the owner told me to hold out my hand after I bought my goodies. I looked at him funny-like, but did as I was told. He said he had a gift for me. Then he plopped the cutest vintage owl necklace in the palm of my hand.
Yes. You read that right.
He gave me that awesome white enamel & gold-tone necklace you see. Gave-it-to-me. I asked him if I could give him a hug; he let me. I will cherish that owl forever.

the owl necklace gift happy bracelet combo
above : had to have these two bracelets! they make my wrist happier.
stripes & skinny jeans

I left that shop beaming. Absolutely beaming. Everytime I go to his shop, I look for owls. I've brought home a couple of beauts now & then, but that time I couldn't find one that needed to come home with me. The owner remembered my crazy owl ways. And gave me a gift. The gift of an owl.


  1. What a sweet story and lovely pendant.

  2. What a sweet owner. I love small kindnesses. :)

  3. awwww, what a hoooooot! Love the turquoise bracelet too.. remind me NOT to go thrifting with you or we'll wrestle over the same treasures! ;o)
    xo Mel
    needle and nest

  4. How wonderfully sweet, the kindness of strangers, such joy it can bring.

  5. that is amazing! that story just made my day so i can imagine how fantastic you felt!



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